What is so good about talking?

You may be wondering what the point of talking to someone, anyone, about what’s going on for you right now? Well, it turns out that talking is actually a really brilliant way of dealing with stuff.

When you talk to someone who will really listen you don’t feel so alone. You’ll also have someone who can help you work out what you really feel, think and want to do. They can help you to deal with what’s happening in your life right now and support you while you try out something new.

Most of us have times when we don’t do the things that are actually good for us because of our own underlying assumptions and beliefs – about the world and ourselves.

Maybe we don’t know where we’re going in life and that we’re drifting or we feel that life doesn’t seem to have any meaning. Often we feel we don’t really deserve to be happy or we’re convinced that we’ll always feel anxious or depressed.

And we don’t think about challenging these thoughts, we just accept them as ‘the truth’.

Yet we are all reliant and resourceful – and we can all change. By staying open and flexible and by taking it one step at a time we can make a big difference.

We can all live a good life. We can all establish meaningful relationships.

Having someone to listen to you can literally transform you your life and many of you may already have someone who is able to take on that role in your lives.

If you don’t, or want to talk to someone who is completely independent, working with a trained listener such as a counsellor or coach can give you a safe space to explore your goals, values, and beliefs.

When you find the person you want to talk to you have someone who can help you develop self-awareness, overcome the obstacles that are holding you back or blocking you. Someone to help you work out how you want to be and how you can get there!