No Regrets..?

30th August 2017By Nicola VincentLiving a good life, Personal Growth

      Living your best life by Nicola Vincent, Counsellor and Therapist   Counsellors and psychotherapists generally don’t recommend books to clients, yet I sometimes find myself mentioning Bronnie Ware’s book “The Top Five Regrets of the Dying” in the counselling room. The book reveals the most common regrets that people have as they … Read More

Nothing Stays The Same

1st August 2017By Jacquie HamptonPersonal Growth

So What Do I do Now? Nothing stays the same…. Ever. One of the two certainties in life. We get older, our goals and ambitions alter, we face divorces, bereavements and loss, retirement, our environments change, our careers move on or stop, and our children leave home. So what happens when the world tips on … Read More