My top ten TED talks

I am a big fan of TED talks and so it seems are a lot of other people.

The links below will take you to the ten TeD talks that have had the biggest impact on me over the years.

  1. The power of vulnerability – Brene Brown

  1. My year of saying yes to everything – Shonda Rhimes

  1. How great leaders inspire action – Simon Sinek

  1. Your body language shapes who you are – Amy Cuddy

  1. Ten ways to have a better conversation – Celeste Headlee

  1. The surprising science of happiness – Dan Gilbert

  1. The puzzle of motivation – Dan Pink

  1. How to make hard choices – Ruth Chung

  1. Your elusive creative genius – Elizabeth Gilbert

  1. Embracing emotions, embracing myself – Thandie Newton

If you want to explore further here’s the link to the TeD homepage